Genesis flesh 08 paint

I bought genesis 08 flesh paint instead of skin 02. Will 08 flesh work for my first skin tone.


For a caucasian baby, yes it will. Are you referring to flesh 02 or the premixed baby skin ( I think it’s called). Flesh 02 is dark and would be used for a biracial or ethnic baby, it wouldn’t work well for a pale caucasian baby. I use flesh 08, but I don’t do skin layers. I mix it with red to get a light pink. And I use it for nail tips.

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Premixed baby skin , new to reborning and use the step by number paint. Order this by mistake .like the color thank you for replying

I always use flesh 08 for all my Caucasian babies. I love it. If at my finishing touches stage I choose to not have a lighter skinned baby and I want a slightly warmer skin tone. I do a wash of burnt umber.

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Would it work for lips also, will try mixing with red for nail tips, having so much fun learning.

I don’t mix it with anything for nail tips, just the plain flesh 08 with a drop of thinner. I mix it with red for a wash or two.

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Yes, if you put a tiny bit of red in the flesh 08 it is almost identical to baby skin :wink:

Thank you for helping with my problem with the scratch. I appreciate you for replying

They are interchangeable. 08 is just a tiny bit lighter.