Gender appropriate colors

How important do you consider to dress girls in pink with pink paci, and boys in boy colors with blue paci?

I like girls in blue. Some girl babies do not look good in pink. I think it is what color compliments a baby’s coloring.


I do quite like girls in blue. However, I think the colour pink is now so culturally associated with girls that it just does not work for boys. Funnily enough pink was considered a ‘boy’ colour previous to the 1940s.


I think blue looks beautiful on girls but as said above I think you should pick a color that compliments your baby’s skin tone. Yellow is a color that doesn’t seem to be used much and can be beautiful too, Many years ago there was lots of gender neutral colors for babies (ie. mint green and pale yellow etc.) you don’t see that too much today. Society seem to be locked into the Blue and Pink syndrome. Use what your little one looks good in and you’ll be happy.

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I also like blue on girl :slight_smile: I dressed my daughter in blue a lot; she has bright blue eyes and her hair as a baby was very pale, almost white.
Anyway, i am quite capable of looking at doll in pink and think of it as a boy. It’s just that I have a doll listed saying “could be boy or girl” and I dressed it in white jumpsuit, with some multicolour picture on the chest. OK, it has more pink than the other colours, and I gave the doll pink paci. Somebody asked me to take some pics in blue outfit with blue paci, so she can see what the doll looks like as a boy. It took me a while to find blue outfit, then I had to rush out and buy blue paci, and cut it up and insert magnet, and then take photos, and resize them, and send them off. And never heard again :frowning: LOL

But it is fact that girls seem to like pink. My daughter made her feeling perfectly clear from the moment she was able to express her preference. The marketing companies know that, they do thorough market research and therefore most of girls’ toys are pink.

To me, it’s all a matter of cultural perception: if you dress a boy in pink, 9 out of 10 people are going to automatically think: ‘girl’. Ultimately, I would rather put him in a different colour rather than explain myself repeatedly :slight_smile:

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my youngest grandchild a boy, has long curly hair. Even dressed in blue with jeans and hiking boots everyone calls him a girl. So it is just not color that makes people assume gender.

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