Gemma pricing

Whoa, why is the Gemma kit suddenly so expensive. it’s forty-four bucks. Is there a reason?

What a shame. BB had a niche that nobody else had. I hate to see this happening, but I guess they have to price competitively. i hope they put out some new kits besides the realborns soon. Otherwise, i’m kinda getting a bit bored. Other kits are pricey, but the selection is amazing. I have such a soft spot for BB though because it’s where i first started. (Sigh…)


I have noticed the prices going up this week…was thinking of getting Cozy and Precious Gift but now…nope. Rats.

Biracial Shyann is also $44.95 :worried:

Well guess I really can’t complain. I would have never been able to start reborning for a hobbie if it wasn’t for bb kits. Definitly am stocked up with them still a few I would like to get. I’m very glad I did get biracial syhanne before the prices went up though. Still want the cozy kit I’m kicking myself for not buying it when it was on sale along with a few kits you all have mentioned. I just hope they still have there sales 19.99 for some kits an the 2nds never really had any problems with 2nds but syhanne I finished her went to put her eyes in an one eye is lower then the other. that was a bummer but thinking maybe I should grab her before the price goes up!!! I do have a lot of kits I need to strip from both my niece an I practicing on. They are a little over painted lol

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I noticed the pricing going up as well. It’s too bad cause some of us (fixed income) folks have a hard enough time just funding the less expensive kits. Bountiful Baby has been our savior in that respect. I understand they have to be able to keep their business solvent, guess we just won’t be able to purchase as much. I hope it doesn’t actually effective their business in a negative way cause more people will buy from ebay and other suppliers. I was feeling the pinch when it went from 24.95 to 29.95. They must do what ever is necessary I suppose, Wish they would get some new kits besides the realborns too.

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I’d love to see some new kits, too! AND…Easton. Pretty please.

YES-------EASTON !!!

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I don’t know, I just got Eden for $20 and Cookie for $25. It looks like they’re just putting some on sale and reducing the discount on others. It seems to change daily/weekly.