Gemma arrived!

I want the seller to know that I received Gemma. I saw a post here with a link to their daughter’s Etsy page where she was selling a few kits.

I logged into Etsy but Gemma wasn’t on my list of purchases and I can’t find the post here on FSOT. Very weird.

The kit is beautiful, even if I can’t fix her head. I ordered a heat gun from Amazon, hopefully that will help me to repair her’’ ‘dent’.

Can you please let me know which body to get her?

Thank you!

If its BB Gemma

You should be able to pop out any dents with hot water. I usually just run tap water in the heads although our tap water runs almost to boiling I feel like :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thank you both!

Hot water works well for dents. Be careful with heat guns. They can melt the vinyl if it gets too hot. PMd you.


I have a Gemma if you or anyone is interested. She has no dents or issues.