Gatlinburg Show Question for Next Year in Fall

I have a question… I am considering putting together a doll show next fall in Gatlinburg, TN at the convention center. Its on the main street of the area. Its at the center of Pigeon Forge and the Smokies Mountains.

It would be in the fall time. A great time in Gatlinburg as there is a lot of traffic up there with the changing of the leaves and all. There is hotel rooms that start out at $50 and go up. There is all kinds of things to do and all after the show hours.

If there is any interest in coming or doing a show with us in gatlinburg tn please email me at that way I can see how much interest there is.

oh! Ive been there its beautiful, Id love to come again.

I can’t come but I love that area! I used to live in the mountains south of the park. You should get tons of tourists with pockets full of money they saved for splurging on their vacation.

I will have to see how far this is from me but if it is doable I would love to come.

I would come. A beautiful area, lots to do and see and the parks are beautiful…

Great please let me know if you would come as exhibitor or collector.

for me, exhibitor, and maybe collector. never know I may see something I cant live without. lol