Funny looking babies

I am getting itchy to experiment with some new clay for modifications, I don’t want to ruin my really awesome sculpts. I got a little hoardy pile I have had for three years I have been saving for a rainy day and have been painting them because it feels silly to just let them sit there. I just painted my Tony Legler and Romy. I made them into circus babies, couldn’t help myself.

I am looking for some funny looking babies in your stash that you just can’t bring yourself to paint. Maybe they are just a little Uggy, a strange size, have a defect or two, were stripped badly…

Sell them to me (at a reasonable price please, not looking for SOLE’s).

I need three. I am not too concerned about condition. I kinda prefer open eyes. Size does not matter.

NON-SMOKING home only. (that is just nasty no one appreciates that level of smelly and if you are a smoker get a patch, save your lungs, save your families lungs, and use that money to buy pretty babies, imagine how many sculpts you can buy instead, you can do it!!!)

I went to the dreaded Ebay and Dayummm lots of fake sculpts there for not a whole lot. I just kept imagining newbies buying them up without understanding. Grrrrrr…

Hey Newbies don’t buy too good to be true sculpts on Ebay, they are most likely counterfeits. When you do that you take money from hard working artists who spend hours and invest a lot to get their sculpts to market. Without them we don’t have quality babies to paint. You are also supporting theft. Funny how we are waiting forever for new sculpts because of Covid but these fakes are showing up by the thousands, gives me a sphincter cramp for sure.

Happy to pay a little more for the real thing, even if its funny looking, has a lumpy head.

Hope this post didn’t come of grumpy…This sculpt stealing really makes me crazy.


I don’t have any uggos to sell, but I’m dying to see what you come up with! Curious to know what you’ve been using to modify your littles with? It seems to be working very well! Your Pinocchio is precious as all your circus babies are :heart:


Saw that Pinocchio…love him!!!


I don’t believe that Sam has a COA.

That makes me feel better. :laughing: I couldn’t find anything and couldn’t remember since I bought him last year.

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I saw your Pinocchio on IG and I dropped dead - your creativity is endless! I am in love with that one! :star_struck:


I have a Sofia by Ping Lau. She’s not funny looking (at least to me :joy:). She’s super cute! I would love to see you do something amazing with her! I have her for sale for $135, Plus Shipping. She comes with her body too. If your not interested, thats ok! But I thought I would throw it out there.

Please share your Pinocchio! I’m not on IG but I wanna seeeeee!


I agree when I saw Pinocchio it was instant love.


Hmmm Gina this sounds interesting. Wonder what you will come up with this time, always a surprise. You go girl! :footprints: :baby:

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She is for an art show I was invited to at a gallery in my city.


Her bowl and spoon will have sawdust in them, right now it’s wood chips and butterfly wings.

The lace on her shirt is from France, its more than 100 years old. I made her clothes and hat.

The beetle is real dead but real.

I was challenged to marry the art I use to make with the art form I am making now.

The show it titled “what scares you”


She doesnt scare me…she makes me want to hug her…her and her sad little eyes…:heartpulse:

She is beautiful!!!

The bug on a string… ohmygosh…Chuck taught my boys that…:woman_facepalming:


You are so creative! Love everything about this, especially the 100 year old lace :heart:


I LOVE HER! She’s totally amazing, bug and all! Every time I think you’ve outdone yourself, reached the TOP, you prove me wrong and go above and beyond again! Your talent just blows me away :two_hearts: Thanks so much for posting her here so I could see!


Gina I have several that fit what you’re looking for in my kit hoard. Give me a few to go up and get pics & names for you…


While you’re doing that pick your baby out!


Oh! Yes! Thanks for the reminder :grin:


Awesome work!

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Your work is amazing, Gina! I’m glad you showed us Pinocchio!

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