Funky Paint.....?

Have any of you every seen this in your paibts…its a first for me?
The picture isnt really clear (damn cell phone) , but their are tiny little flakes of black settled in the bottom of the dish. This is Aqua blue, but its also in my t. White. These are brand new jars. Anyone know what it is and how to get it out. Its unusable as is and left one on my baby’s limbs looking like he rolled in black pepper (ok thats an exaggeration, but you get the idea lol)…help!


All that I can see on my monitor, is undissolved pigments that settle to the bottom of your pallet. You have to mix well each time you dip your brush into the well of the pallet. If there are black flecks in the bottom, they are not showing up in this picture.


I can see what she is talking about if you look on the pallete just above the paint itself i can see teeny tiny bits of something that doesnt look like paint… Not sure what it is though.

OH it’s been mixed …and mixed…and mixed again lol. The crappy photo was taken 10-15 minutes after the initial mixing and stirring for several minutes. I thought the same, that maybe it was just undissolved pigment, but theres no way it would take it this long to dissolve. I can’t imagine what it is. Whatever it is is so fine in texture that when i rub it between my fingers i can’t even feel it.

When u rub one of the tiny things between your fingers does any paint show up on your fingers?

I have no idea what it might be. If there are flecks of black in your titanium white, maybe you got a bad batch of paint.

Nope, no paint shows up and I can’t even feel it between my fingers. I ended up dumping everything in the pallet and gave it a good scrubbing. I also scraped off the top layers of the paints inside the pots as best I could and will remix everything and see how it goes. I’m bummed cause now i have to figure out how to get these specs off without having to strip the limb. If I strip it I’ll never get it to match back perfectly with the rest of the pieces. In hindsight, I should have stopped when i first noticed it :rage:

Check your paint brush. I purchased a set at Michael’s and the tips turned to dust when I used them causing little black specks.


It’s caused by an incompatibility in your paint or pallete. For example, was there water in your palette? Did you use your brush for a different kind of paint and then wash it? Did you use a brush for a medium and then try to use it for your paint? It could be many things but I have had it happen when using Genesis, just because I didn’t dry the palette well enough.

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Im using my regular bob ross thinner than I always use. I’m pretty sure it’s not the thinner or anything in the pallet cause even after emptying and cleaning the flecks came back. I thinks @rainbow and @Sony72 hit the nail on the head…it’s my brushes. Two of my Loew-Cornell mop brushes. They’ve been fine until this morning. I cleaned them in thinner and washed them as usual last night when I was done and then today this fleck stuff started happening. As far as I can tell it’s not in any of the other brushes that I used/washed last night, just these 2, and whatever it is it’s deep down in the base. I use the Mona Lisa brand brush cleaner but sent my hubs to Michaels for the WN cleaner. I really don’t want to toss out my brushes if they are salvageable.

Thank you all very much for your help. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


thin the paint with a little bit of thinning medium at first make it creamy and the mix it with the regular tinner.

I think I may have had something kind of similar happen to me earlier this year. The Heinz Jordan mop brush that I used for red GHS paints began producing dark red flakes or solids when mixing my paint. It was coming from the brush. It appeared that the red paint had solidified or had dried onto and broken off portions of the brush hairs. I always clean my brushes between kits, so I was puzzled why this happened. I had to scrub the brush with WN and was able to get some of it off, but not enough and had to throw the brush away. GHS claims you don’t need to wash your brushes, but I think the red pigment and maybe blue pigment can dry onto the brush hairs, make them brittle, stained them or whatever. I hope you can save your brushes.

How did it go?


Not so well. My husband went out that night and got a bottle of the WN cleaner, it helped clean the brush, but unfortunately ive since thrown the 2 culprit brushes away because the bristles started falling out leaving little hairs all over my babies. Like you, I always clean my brushes throughly after each use so i dont understand how that even happened. Even odder was that the colored paint flecks were black, and ive never even used black paint. Im more than halfway convinced that it wasnt paint at all and was whatever is used to glue the bristles into the little metal piece. Maybe it was just old and started breaking down…idk. I had to buy some cheapy brush from Michaels craft store thats just the pits…ive already had to super glue the top back on to the handle, it fell apart mid pouncing, and the bristles are all smashed in the center (its a week old lol). Im going to go down to blicks on friday to get another brush…what a nightmare.

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I’m sorry to hear you couldn’t salvage the brushes. That’s how it was for me too. Those stained broken hairs just wouldn’t clean up enough and would break off and end up on the doll. Frustrating. I’ve found that the Lowe Cornell brushes are better than some but still not quite worth the heavier price they go for at Michael’s and other places.

Yes, I agree, but around my area we only have Michael’s and Hobby Lobby for any sort of decent brushes, otherwise I have to travel down to Los Angeles area (an hour + away). I’m going to do some more searching online to see what I can find, so far these two seem to be the best option

This one at least has free shipping
Maxine Mop Brushes

and this one has the set of 5 for just over $20.00…but they want 8 bucks for shipping (thats ridiculous)
Maxine’s Oval Mop 5 Piece Brush Set

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