Fun new stuff for reborning

I did a little shopping yesterday and thought I would share.

I got these at the thrift store. I thought the glass ramekins would be great for mixing up washes and I will probably use the rectangular dish for flesh tones. It seems like I never have enough room for proper mixing of paint.

These preemie outfits were on sale for $5 at Walmart. They are “Child of Mine” by Carter’s.

New Drexel tool and first attempt at recessed magnets.

It was a fun Dollie day yesterday. I even got some painting done!


Wow! You made out big time.

I like your recessed magnets.

I love new gadgets and clothes!

Thanks @micholc. I plan to cover them with moleskin, so they will look even better. Next time I think I will get them even more flush, but it went pretty well for the first time.

@AmyR77 I am painting a Rosebud for my daughter along with my Celeste, so the preemie clothes are for Rosebud. I am actually working on my two bi-racial babies,too. So I have baby parts all over the place these days!


Wow! You’ve got a lot going on!

My hubby does my magnets for me because I’m afraid the drill will “skip” and get me. (You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!)

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I did put on my protective eyewear and braced it on the table. I was a little worried, too and was very careful working on high speed. After my poor dog losing an eye last week, we don’t need any more injuries!