Full vinyl kits

I am looking for as many full body kits out there as I can get my hands on. I have reborned all that BB has to offer, and am ready to branch out. Which ones are your favorites and the best place to purchase them? I searched irrestitables.com but found there webpage hard to follow, guess I’m spoiled with how well BB is set up, and displays the kits. I hope BB continues to offer more full torso kits like Harper and Angel. (hint hint…wink wink! )

So…favorite full torso vinyl kits…ready…set…go!

Much thanks,

Henry by Sheila Michaels

Madison by Andrea Arcello. A lot of the LDC kits on Macphersoncrafts.com are full also.

I have Aspen, super soft vinyl, but I need girl version so he’s for sale.

Possibly willing to part with an Americus, but must finish Lil Treasure first and decide.

Other full body kits I like:
Boys: Louis, Julien.
Girls: Indra, Coco, Madison, Esme, Cristina, Henrietta.


I have an Americus for sale