Full time Reborn artist vs. Part time

I’m so curious as to how many of you guys do reborning full time. I want to, but I’m not at the skill level where my dolls sell enough for a profit. How many of you are full time? and is it possible (financially) to Reborn full time just curious opinions?

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Evon is also a nurse :slight_smile:

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Hey I’m a full time artist.
But that comes with some issues.
First, let me say I absolutely don’t want to anger anyone or seem as if I am trying to discourage you. But, making a full time living on dolls is a long shot at best.
Yes, some people do it. But they are the rare exceptions.
If you can do it, then that’s absolutely wonderful.
But please don’t expect it to happen. You will do best with reborning as a side hobby outside of a regular job. The market is fickle, and flooded. Getting regular, high sales isn’t common. and can drop off at any time, leaving you without an income for weeks or months.

Reborn because you love it, and if you make a profit, all the better!
But please, save yourself the heartache of expecting it to be a living. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comment and advice. The community is very big I’m noticing. Very true.

Thats not to say you shouldn’t give it a shot. I mean, if you can command and get high prices for your babies, then that’s wonderful.
I will say, from my own experience, I was selling 1-2 dolls a week. and I ended up burned out and hating reborning. I was doing custom work, and constantly getting sales for my babies. But the stress took the joy out of it for me. Being concerned about making a sale to put food on the table or pay a bill. It was too much and I flat out hated it.
I had to take a year off and am just now getting back into it. It’s much more enjoyable from an art standpoint and not a money standpoint. IMO


Really? Wow! That’s amazing! My mom is a Respiratory Nurse. That’s so cool!!

@taylorsgirl I agree with you! Reborning should be done for enjoyment, and if you get enough profit from a few dolls to pay a bill or two, that’s awesome!


Yea, no definitely… nothing you said is discouraging I appreciate all sides of opinions no two cases is the same… I just created this thread out of curiosity… There’s so many wonderful artists on this forum I was curious as to who’s full time versus who does this as a hobby… creatively you can’t put pressure on yourself it sucks the fun out of everything. Although, I work best under pressure. I don’t foresee me doin customs, to particular people already have a image in mind so they expect just that. I like no expectations better.

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YES!! Preaching to the choir with me!! I was thinking about doing customs about a year ago, and then my aunt wanted me to do one for her and she listed out all of these marks and colors she wanted on the doll. so I decided customs weren’t for me. I like putting my own spin on the dolls, not having someone else tell me how to make them, you know?
I’m tracking this topic, and curious to know who on here is full vs. part time.


Good topic! I am a full time artist and have been at it for more then ten years. It took me a few years to be established enough to become financially stable enough with dolls to know I could pay my mortage and bills, but I have over the years had occassional jobs for more steady paycheques though. I still work full time at it currently, and I can only produce between 8 to 15 dolls per year, (I probably average ten) I have mainly a repeate client list, I have built over the decade. I have not used ebay in a few years, but do think about giving it a try again. I def recommend steady babies on ebay for exposure though to get your work out there and known for any new artist or anyone wanting to build a cilent base and try to go full time.


I thought it was an interesting topic…Lol On average how long does it take to complete one reborn for you? Is there a particular reason you stopped using eBay?

I don’t market much and have only sold on reborns.com. Or personal emails from someone contacting me through reborns.com. I started in 2015. I have sold 21 babies I think in the last year. Estimated total of $4700.

I am a stay at home Mom, who does this on the side. As a hobby that helps pay for itself. As you can tell from only making less than $5000 in a year I could NOT do this as an income. Thankfully my husband works and I am able to be crafty :wink:


That’s good you have a supportive husband. That way your able to be creative and enjoy your hobby

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This is about the same for me too :blush: Stay at home mom, reborning dolls as a hobby. I make enough to cover cost of supplies and a little extra.


I want to keep mine as a hobby - but when I retire in 2 years I hope it will be a good suppliment to my income. My sales last year was $7500 and that, of course, was not profit.


Same as Jenni @jlesser and @Mommy2six I am a stay at home mom (until I go back to school in the fall) and I reborn as a hobby. Thankfully I don’t have to rely on reborning as an income because my 2 year old hasn’t let me get much done lately :smile: my nickname for her is Miss Mess, I can’t turn my back on her :smile:

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I have thought about going full time over the years but I am a part time artist. But if you went by hours I work a full time job and a full time job when I get home. I run an Etsy shop since 2010, and I know if I did stay at home during the day I could bring in more money. But for right now I am happy. My youngest is graduating from high school at the beginning of June. We will see after that. I always tell my hubby I want to be a stay at home puppy mom. My baby boy puppy (Drakko) is diabetic so sometimes I feel it would be better being at home. My job is flexible for me during Thanksgiving and Christmas so I am usually gone for almost a month to run my shop. If that would change then I think I would do full time instead.

I am a teacher full time, home school my daughter after and started part time.

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I could never do it full time… I basically just do it as a hobby… I work 40hrs a week at Walmart and basically on my nights off is when i work on my babies

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Aww miss mess… where do they come up with the ideas to destroy the way they do,.Lol 2 year olds are so innocent and forgivable… :slight_smile:

What kind of Etsy shop u have?