Full Limbs Babies

Is Riley the only full limbed baby (babies that are between 20-23") ?

Maybe the new Easton, Elliot and Grant (23 inch)

No. Tracy has full arms and full, front loading, unjointed legs. She’s nice and chubby. Crystal and Sweetie have the same limbs. Easton and Grant also have full arms and 3/4 front loading legs. I think Riley’s limbs are a bit scrawny for my taste but they’re not bad.

Grant’s legs are stated as 3/4 but the thighs are long enough to put on a body for full, front-loading legs. Most of the 3/4 legs can be used as full legs.

It shows a body for them that’s why I stated them… does that one not work well?

I love Ping Lau’s portrait sculpt of Charlotte. Not sure about the lower half of the body being one piece. If the legs don’t move what do you do with her?

Jenni, these are the bodies for Easton, Elliot and Grant.


I saw that, Melanie, and was wondering the same thing.

@AmyR777 I figure she doesn’t bend at the waist…right? She would have to lay flat.

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Jenni, the body that links to is for 3/4 arms and legs. It won’t work for full limbs. Item# 2192 is for Riley.

I was wondering if the hips bent easily, similar to a silicone. I wouldn’t want one that couldn’t bend at all.

I wouldn’t either. Still waiting for Evangeline to be released. $ is burning in my pocket. I’m also trying to connect with Alice to get those free doll molds. No reply.


Meklanie, where did you see Ping Lau’s Charlotte with the body that doesn’t bend?

Here she is Lynn:


Thanks Amy-----I read the description and it said full arms and full legs, do you think that the body that is pictured is NOT what comes with her? I know they make those type of torsos for boys and girls, could it be that? It has a “body” number listed. I would think what they are showing would be more than just “full legs”!!!

The legs are attached to the torso. You can see it best in the pic with her tushy. The upper body is cloth.

The body they suggest is a regular cloth body for full limbs… kinda like Riley’s, I think

that’s what I am thinking-----maybe that torso is NOT what comes with her. You can buy those separate for any doll. Aren’t they made by Adrie S?

They have full front loading legs…I think the arms are 3/4 but I guess you could make them full…? Never done that before…

Grant has full arms up to the shoulder…