Full Limb Kits

@EmilyBB is it possible for a search on the BB Web Site to be made that would allow us to find kits that have full limbs? I think that would be a nice option since it would reduce the amount of time spent checking each kit. Just a suggestion.


I agree. That would be helpful. Thanks for the suggestion @Blissfulbabies :slight_smile:


I love that idea!! Maybe located where the size option is?


Yes that would be helpful I have my little list I made during a bored and nothing to do spell that I made I was not sure on some but thought perhaps Clyde should be added on it .
I ended up with one for full limb, one for full leg , one for full arm and the 3/4 limb ones were so numerous I just chalked them up to all others LOL then I got over it .
Full Limb Kits
Logan,Naomi,Olive,Owen,Riley,Kimberly,Sleeping Ana,Amelia,Harper,Angel,Max,Natalie,Nevaeh,Sleeping Summer Rain .
As I said I got over it and most likely missed a few


at one time i had a data base that had all that info on it. Didnt seem like there was a lot of interest so I let it slide. Had it listed by size, 3/4 limbs mixed limbs and full at that time think there was only 1 or 2 full limb kits also had which bodies it took eye size and ring and plug size with each one.


I’ve gotten to where full limbs is about all I do. I still have several in my stash that aren’t but I love them any way. :heart:️:laughing::heart_eyes:


She only has full arms. Same as Lane. :slight_smile: 3/4 legs


Yes! I certainly agree!!! This would be a very nice feature!!! :smiley:

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Thank you :kissing_heart:

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