Frustrating Day

So my day started with a paint dilema and now this.

I tried this new texturing skin technique and have mixed feelings about it. The actual feel of it is very nice, but it completely washed out my mottling underneath (im guessing because of the matte varnish in the mix) Im not a heavy mottler to begin with, and when i added this next layer of flesh it all went to Hades.

My thought is to continue adding my layers and see what happens. I don’t typically use matte varnish at all so im not sure how to correct it. He’s been baked twice already and it doesn’t appear to have changed after the second bake.


I occasionally have to re-mottle because the layers on top washed it out. It can happen to creases, too, if they’re done too early in the process. I’m confused about the matte varnish, though. Was it used as a base? It shouldn’t affect the color at all because it’s clear.


I’m of no help but just wanted to say I’m sorry for your frustration. I’ve been trying air dry paints and had a total disaster today. I’m thinking I’ll just stick to my canvas paintings right now- I have enough stress :slight_smile: I’m sure your baby will turn out beautifully. Hope tomorrow is better!

Yes It is part of the flesh layers “base” I guess you can call it. There are 3 stages and the first two have matte varnish. The first one has the matte varnish is a base after any neutralizing. That one came out fine in texture and appearance, but there was nothing underneath it that needed to show through. I did a couple layers of mottling and undertones, then the second flesh layer, and thats the one I’m having the problem with. The final flesh layers don’t have any matte varnish, just thick, satin and glazing gel.

Becca, Sometimes “help” comes in the form just sympathizing with another person’s plight, so thank you for that. Sorry to hear your day isn’t going any better than mine, but don’t give up on the babies. I’ve heard the air dry paints are an even bigger learning curve, so just keep at it. Pretty soon you’ll be reborning in your sleep. :smile:


I’m not sure why your flesh layer has thick, satin and glazing gel. Generally, flesh is used with liquid thinner. You said your mottled layer was light so it could just be that the flesh did, indeed, tone the mottled down. That’s ok, just do another mottled layer. I do several mottles in different colors. There is no rule about the order of layers.

Oh, it’s a texturing technique I’m trying out, and I’m seriously loving it. I took your advice and just went back as if it were the first mottling and went from there. I redid the second flesh layer also and omitted the matte and it came out much much better. The texture is there and the color is nice, just seems a bit lifeless, but I’m hoping a wash will help that later.

Yes…thats it. I like the texture alot, that part of it is coming our really nice, better than any other texturing technique I’ve tried. On the flesh layer i just redid instead of adding to the 1st texturing mix, I made a new one omitting the matte varnish, and it came out a thousand times better. I can see all of my mottling perfectly and the texture is reeeally nice. I hope the final flesh layer doesn’t cause any problems…fingers crossed.


I’m with you. I like to take various techniques and mix/match. LoL I also use the wash from the dollssoreal tutorial and love it. This 3d skin one is something I plan on giving another go at with some modifications, as I think it has the potential to work really well for my babies. My normal final sealer doesn’t have any matte in it and I haven’t had any problems with shine or sandpaper baby at all lol. What I do have a problem with is keeping the mix ratios consistent…and that’s totally my fault. When I’m taking my time and doing things right I actually use measuring spoons to get the exact ratios and it always comes out great. Then I’ll try to “eyeball” the next one and something goes wrong during the curing. I either end up having to bake the baby multiple times or the texture is just off. I keep telling myself that I should get some empty jars and just mix up a batch and be done with it, but that would be too much like the right thing lol. I’ll let you know how this little guy turns out.