For a while I was offering a painted kit service. So I had an beginner artist contact me. She said she wanted the dollie done for herself and etc. I was told that it would be her personal and that she wasn’t confident with doing her own dollie. Basically she’s selling the completed doll without giving me NOT ONE OUNCES of credit for the painting. I’m not doing painting service after this especially for other artist. I knew in the end she was going to sell her. I should have went with my instinct. Of all the painted service dollies I’ve done I have not had one complete them and sell them. I just think she wasn’t confident in doing an expensive kit and she was going to sell her all along.

Thank you for listening to my little rant/venting.


She’s now telling me that she was going to give credit on the dollies birth certificate and she originally didn’t give credit because she was in a rush to list her. She also made changes to dollie beyond rooting and putting her together. Grrr… If she made changes and such I kinda don’t want to get credit because the dollie only resembles a portion of my work.


I honestly don’t like what the artist did to her!

I’m just finding it difficult now to work with other artist.

It is a tough thing. I would not want credit when she altered it. I have had people ask about hair painting services. One of the reasons I will not do it is because of this. I don’t want credit at all if baby is altered after I paint.
I stay away from it.
I’m sorry she did this,and was not upfront.

Thank you. Something like painted hair or rooting service is different. I wouldn’t mind doing something of that nature.

From what she’s telling me that once she changed her she no longer liked her that is why she’s selling her. OKAY!?

Still a chance they will alter the work. Which is fine,just don’t put my name to it.

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That’s how I feel now.

I would Always charge a larger amount as if it were a fine piece of art.The painting is what gives and transforms the doll into a baby.I ha e had lots of requests also and think the same thing cause that internal voice is telling us the truth…well that is what I think even if she said it was for herself you still deserve the higher$$.That way you can price them out of selling cause there personal mark up would be very high.

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