From BB: The "Annual" USPS Holiday Shipping Slowdown

Hi Folks!

Yep, this is the time of the year when the post office gets buried with work from holiday shipping. Each year at this time, the post office delivery time slows down during the USPS holiday shipping workload. We at Bountiful Baby continue to immediately ship the orders, but the post office slows down on delivery.

So, please be patient with the post office.

Because the post office delivery slows down at this time of the year, and has done so every year, and probably will continue to do so every year, please be patient. Every year at this time we get a very large increase in emails from customers asking “where is my package?”. But we cannot do anything to speed the post office up. And this happens every year at this time. We are sorry.

On our “Contact Us”, or “About Us” page, we show our delivery guarantee:

Contact Us - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)
As shown on that page, for deliveries within the United States, we guarantee (even during the holiday season) that the US Postal Service will record delivery within 10 postal working days for Priority Mail shipments (15 days for ground shipments containing liquids), or we will reship your order upon request. Remember, too, that the post office does not work on Sundays or Holidays, so the 10 “postal working days” is longer than 10 calendar days. But, in almost every case, the post office will deliver within that time, so please be patient.

For international shipments, as mentioned on that page, our shipping guarantee only extends to the point where the package arrives at the ISC International Sort Facility (ISC SAN FRANCISCO), but again we guarantee that tracking will show that this occurs within 10 postal working days, or we will reship your order upon request. The reason we guarantee only to the ISC Sort Facility is because the next stop is Customs at the foreign country, and foreign Customs often does not scan the item again until after they are done with it, which usually happens rapidly, but unfortunately sometimes takes several weeks-- occasionally as long as six weeks in foreign customs, especially during the holidays. And there is nothing we can do about that.

Yes, we wish we could guarantee you delivery well in time for Christmas. But we are obligated under contract with USPS to use the delivery mechanisms that we do, and the above shipping guarantees are the best we can do.

You will get your order. But it also will come slower at this time of the year than the rest of the year, because the post office slows down (due to their dramatically heavier work load right now).

Also, at the time that we ship, a tracking email is automatically emailed to the email address that you put into the order (so, make sure you put your correct email address into your order when you place your order). That happens automatically, without any help or intervention by anyone at Bountiful Baby. So yes, your tracking number is sent. Always. And automatically. The Bountiful Baby staff cannot even change that if they wanted to. It is always sent. So, watch for that tracking email. If you do not see it, look in your SPAM folder.

Then, once you have your tracking email, you can track your order at:
We wish you happy holidays, and a fantastic next year!

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I think all of us have experienced that slowdown with the packages we mail so we really understand! I’m debating if any mail I send out to my son’s will get there before they leave to come here! Trying to move out toys from the stash of outgrown toys here to his house for him to store! And if the rain stops, making more blocks and a stable for the nativity figures…Note to all of you…don’t use a jigsaw or big sander inside, my bedroom is covered in sawdust!