Hey guys.
Today in the mail I received a bunch of coupon/gift cards. I used two without any issues. I am not going to be using all of them so I hope it’s ok if I leave the name of the store and the gift card number below for you ladies to use if wanted. You do have to pay shipping which seems to average $17. I have put the number you must add to check out after the # symbol. Please write below if you decided to use them so others will know they are no longer available or not. .They have to be used in five days. I really hate to waste them.

  1. gift card $50
    Gift card number#7401120932197456
  2. Udder gift card $35 # 9404371913138484
    $40. Gift card number #9602506308779462
  4. Www.
    $35 gift card #8009980312816914
  5. Milk $35 gift card #6482171161394194
  6. Www. Hot gift card $60
  7. Custom $30
    $40 gift card
  9. Custom Snappie $50 gift card

I’ve used the custom pacifiers - I have 3 with my logo on them and then bought 3 with my granddaughters name on them.


I have used the canopy couture gift card.Thank you!

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I have a few more I want to add.
The first one is really hard for me not to use but I really have enough baby shoes. $60 gift card (pay shipping) #7523160913287349 $50 gift card ( pay shipping) (this store has cute bibs too!) #5508204203005829
And the last one is $35 gift card ( pay shipping) #5620737210997361

Thank you for this! I used the little wanderers code!

I am so glad you guys are benefiting from these.