Free for shipping-TAKEN

I have a set of BB Joey limbs that I’m not going to use if anyone wants them.

I’m interested. My zip code is 98292

They’re yours. I’m on the phone with PayPal. I can’t access my PayPal account unless I give them a mobile phone number. I don’t have a mobile phone. I’ll figure out something and get back to you.

I don’t know why they have to make everything so dang complicated. I have Venmo and Facebook pay if that helps.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do about PayPal. Give me your name and shipping address and I’ll just pay the shipping and mail them on Monday.

Send me your address and I’ll send a money order.

Mine is:

Jessica Gilbert
27627 74th ave nw
Stanwood, was 98292

@ttulsajess @jeanhai

You may want to edit your posts. This was probably meant for PM’s.