FREE Adorable BB/ROSE Calendars

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know about the Adorable BB/ROSE Feb 2017 - Jan 2018 twelve month Calendars, that are FREE with any order(made on Feb 15th or later) that fits a Calendar in the box! (If you order 2 or more newborn size kits, the calendar will fit in your box.)
Get one while they last! (Look for our coupon codes inside. :wink: )



my next order will be maggi and madox -hope there are some left still when they come out !!

Got mine in yesterday. Very cute but was a little disappointed there are only 2 coupons.

For a free calendar… I’d be happy with one coupon.

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I ordered 2 kits yesterday and hope to get the calendar! It will be much cuter than the Peppa Pig one currently hanging in my living room! :wink:

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Just received mine today!! It’s beautiful.

Buy one kit get one half price and that is for one week in March. Then in the December $20 off $100 or more

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Just got my 2nd one - so now I have one for work and one for home. They are really cute.

Umm, Wait I got the calendar where’s this coupon located? I didn’t see a coupon

It was in March but they decided to put on a huge sale that saved us more during that week than what the coupon was for.

the next one is in Dec.

The coupons are on the page of the month it is for.

Oh my wow… I looked at the big pictures I didn’t notice the writing on the bottom. That sucks I missed my March coupon. But i will definitely use December… The big pictures are real babies or reborns?

I think they are real. Some are ones of the babies realborn kits were made from…

OK. Makes sense I said no way someone is that good…Lol thanks