Freaking out! FIXED!

I have a semi custom Gemma I need to start on
this weekend, well I did the unthinkable (well, cause I wasn’t thinking)
and set the head in my rooting basket… on top of a baggie of
mohair… WITH THE LABEL UP… now I have the hunny buns website
tattooed on poor Gemma! I panicked so, I tried a little acetone,
lightened it a bit - but now it also has a slick spot (someone smack

I sent hubby after some zit cream. How long do I leave it on?

I put the zit cream on and left it overnight and wiped off - ended up reapplying it and covering it with plastic wrap and putting it in a sunny window sill. Ink transfer from the COA disappeared. I would seal with a layer of some sort of varnish (I prefer satin) before proceeding with painting.

Ok, I hope this works - it isn’t horribly dark, but bad enough. I think I have satin, straight from the jar or thinned with thinning medium? Oh, and varnish just on the shiny spot?

I use Satin straight from the jar and pounced on REALLY thin. It should help with the shiny spot. I would probably seal the whole kit with the satin and bake it on just so you have a consistant vinyl.

OK. You know, I do know better on both counts, I had the kit trying to get the final vision of how I was going to paint it, I know better then to just toss it into the rooting basket. And I know acetone makes the vinyl slick and shiny. It’s like somebody hit me with the stupid stick.

You could also sand the shiny part with some really fine sand paper (320 grit). It gives the paint something to stick to. I used to do that back in the day when we had to strip dolls before painting them (with acetone - before the beautiful discovery of Winsor & Newton).

Great idea - I would not have thought of that!

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I will have to see if I have any that fine. Would the fine side of a nail buffer work? I have no clue what grit it is though.

You can grab some at any hardware store. I get mine at Home Depot. Just ask an associate there and they should be able to help you.

LOL, I was trying to not have to leave the house. I hate going all the way into town, and with 3 kids… they despise Lowes (our only hardware store) since we went there so much during our house renovation.

I just hate I put myself in the situation.

I think many of us have been there (I know I have!) Just tell the kids you’re going to look at the exciting and fabulous Hallowe’en display! (then slip down the isle and grab some sandpaper!)

Can I scream now - no change overnight, and it is freaking OVERCAST! Come on sunshine!!

@bountifulbaby @EmilyBB - please tell me there is an extra Gemma head you could sell me, please :’(

Wipe the cream off and do it again. Are you using the 10% strength?

Yes 10%, I washed off the cream this morning, reapplied, put the plastic wrap over it, and since the sun is refusing to come out, put it under a day light bulb at my work table. And to top it off, now I am worried that the Oxy10 is going to make huge orange spots on the vinyl from a post I just read about someones Presley. Pia, I am just in tears, my first custom all year and I go and screw it up.

It is on the back of the head, opposite side I do swirls, if I put on a thin layer of varnish and then paint her (and possibly make veining go over the words) and then another thin layer of varnish to seal, what are the chances it would bleed through and be visible?

I don’t know about bleeding through. If you can’t get the stain to disappear, I would probably put varnish on it and proceed with disguising it with mottle and veining. At least it is on the scalp area.

Oh - that will be difficult to disguise. Any chance of finding a new head?