Frankie by Denise Pratt, Prototype by Marie Gambus

Frankie is an original sculpt by Denise Pratt. This adorable Prototype was reborned by Marie Gambus and is available on eBay now! The auction is featured on our home page

Thanks Everyone!

Bountiful Baby


Just can’t wait to get my hand on him.

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When is his hopeful release date???

July :slight_smile:

Where did you find that info? :slight_smile:

he is very cute …

In the out of stock kits section . it was there yesterday.

In here? I dont see Frankie… lol

Oh it says august or September for him. My bad xD he was in there yesterday but they must have moved him to later!

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I see it now. :slight_smile: it edited after I pasted the link lol

“Frankie and Natalie should be released sometime in August or September.”

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I’d love to have that baby. Or any baby made by Marie Gambus, for that matter. :heart_eyes:

Oh my gosh! How cute is that little stinkpot?!

I love the way she did his hair.