Found the best drying rack ever!

Oh my gosh, I just bought the best rack ever for drying my dolls. The thing is about this rack is it holds so many parts, and it is spaced just perfectly so most of the time nothing touches each other. Even better, it spins, so I can rotate it around in front of my fan after painting pieces. More-so it holds a lot of pieces and I can get almost 3 or more doll parts on it. It’s much better than my other traditional rack, and it is dirt cheap being under 10 bucks. I am ecstatic that I bought it.

I got it on Primenow by Amazon, but I noticed it is not there anymore, however it is available on Amazon and other places. It is made by Munchkin.

Here is the link to it.

Also I noticed there is another one like it by the First Years.

Though the first years rack looks a bit smaller. I do recommend the first rack, it also can take a head right on the main spindle. I have put heads on the top and bottom spinner and they do not fall off or get poked in the top of the head. It’s like they made it just for reborning!

There are a few others like the Munchkin high capacity rack around 21 dollars but the 8.71 rack is great!

One more thing, the top rack is adjustable so if you have a taller doll you want to dry, it could hold taller arms and legs.

Just sharing what made my day!

Kimberly Stevens
Snuggle Babies Nursery


I use that drying rack also. Just so happend to have it from when my 2 year old was an infant. It’s perfect!

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I agree, I am contemplating buying a second!

I have the first one too. It is nice, and you can leave down some pegs if needed also. I have Landon on it now and his legs like to swing sideways so just him on it at a time works better.

Also I do not think the second version would work for some kits. The hole openings may be too small

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Here is a picture with my Bailey on the rack


Do the rods hold up? I have a regular bottle drying rack and you can’t usually put 2 legs on the same row because it will fall over.


I might need this… any ideas for a drying rack for toddler sized dolls???

The rods are stiffer to fold than my rectangular rack. So I can’t imagine them falling by themselves

I have it (Munchkin) and it’s ok, but I find the spindles little flimsy. They bend and easily come off the rack when removing parts. Generally, I only use the bottom circle and have to only keep 4 spindles as they are too close together, for most legs, like Jenny said @jlesser I really should make my own, but this is what I’m using for now . I am glad you are so happy with it, though.
Edit to add: I think mine is an older version, spindles come off they don’t fold.

Weird. My top one is firmer than the bottom. lol

I think mine is old, Jenni, like me. LOL


I was just looking at this, but wasn’t sure. Sold. I need more drying racks.

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Haha im VERY PROFESSIONAL!! i have long marshmallow wood sticks cut in half and long brushes stuck in a large Folgers coffee can weighted with all my glues. and A modern cermiic pitcher with a small opening more sticks in it and also a ceramic rakku pot heavy I made some years ago with MORE marshmallow sticks!.I tell myself all the time I need to buy some dowels and make one but never do.procrastination ! ugh


The top rack is the one I use also :slight_smile:

You’re my kind of reborner! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just what I need, and look what came up for me when I looked on eBay
Perfect, except it comes up with $35 shipping to Australia :frowning:

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It seems to hold my legs up great!

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Ouch might want to try Amazon it might be much cheaper to ship.

Unfortunately, Amazon only ships to Australia items over $25, and they are not telling me how much. But books are expensive to ship from them