For those who sell mohair, how much is the raw fiber?

Not everyone likes Alpaca hair. It is very fine and IMO hard to root without getting pluggy looking hair for that reason. I don’t care for it myself. You might like it though. It doesn’t seem to sell for as much as quality angora mohair. Considering how inexpensive it is, I would much rather buy it already to use than to have to clean the fiber and dye it myself. I sometimes buy raw angora mohair and clean and dye it and believe me it is a job! If you do decide to get it, I would suggest using an acid dye to dye it since Alpaca is such a fine fiber because people hair dye might be too harsh for it. If it is a nice color of course you wouldn’t need to dye it.

OKay, well here is a website that give you a lot of good info about pricing

I buy washed totally cleaned and conditioned undyed mohair from and then dye it to the color I want. She sells nice mohair and I can get it for $15 an oz and all I have to do is dye it.

I’m just curious, what part of the goat do they cut the hair off? I have this mental picture in my head of them cutting off the beard under the chin.

I had angora goats and you shear the entire body twice a year. I end up throwing the mohair that grows around their privates away since it is not just dirty but poopy! LOL! I don’t know much about alpacas but if I had one I would not expect to be paid much if anything at all for a small ziploc bag of hair which would be plenty to at least experiment with it. I know my 2 goats gave me way more mohair than I knew what to do with it.

make sure it’s suri alpaca, thats the only type suitable for rooting babies. i’ve gotten 6 ozs for 5.00. the dk fawn is lovely just the way it is color wise. i’d be interested in buying some more alpaca.let us know how it goes. sage