For those that like little babies

…this one is TINY! a dear friend bought her for me to reborn and I just love her detail!!! she is only 10" long!

I painted just a bit of pale hair…like my new grandaughter has :heart:

look at the detail on these tiny feet (I know…my pic is blurred so you cannot see MY detail)

So cute. Great job. I love reborning the little ones.

Wow! She is adorable I love little babies.

I don’t know…it is just a tiny doll my friend bought me from China…so I call her Chyna

I have seen two of these on Ebay- and they do really well- keeping my eyes peeled for the kit!

Thanks Ladies…Kay…do you recognize that gorgeous layette? :heart:

Theyre beautiful!

Oh my goodness, sooooooo CUTE!!!

Oh she is absolutely so cute.

How BEAUTIFUL! Very detailed, really…

I love what you did with the hair! It’s looks soft and sparse like a real baby’s hair!

(Oh, Lord! I just found her for sale on Ebay: £49 ($79)! There seem to be some cheaper ones, though…)

Thank you girls…I spent a bit more time on her last nite. Had another artist reassure me I could take her apart and get her back together easily! (I have berenguers I cannot get back together!)…so it allowed some touch ups in hard -to-reach places…and I added a bit more painted hair so it will photo better…and weighted her…she is almost ready for ebay! gonna try and find a little blankie for her to day and then will get pics!

she found her on ebay…we did a search last nite but there are none listed right now.
be careful though…there was a seller from California that had them on there last week…and now she has really bad feedback!

Here she is - her face looks a little like Crystal … 1438.l2649

You cam also find some very detailed babies like this at CRs crafts. They are Berenguers.

love berenguers! I reborn them all the time!

BEAUTIFUL I love her!

She is beautiful but I can’t see the price for the kit unless you plan on keeping one. People expect to pay less for a smaller doll even if it cost you the same amount to make. I am having a hard time resisting that adorable baby though!

yes DJ…I agree! and the shipping from some of the Chinese dealers is almost as much as the doll!
(guess now I know what artists in other countries feel about that! )
testing the market here. I listed mine for the same amount as a fellow artist did on a BIN (like she did) her’s sold in less than an hr…I have had no response to mine

Awww, she is so sweet! I just love her.

That baby is pure perfection! You did an outstanding job on her. I wish I could get my hands on one of these kits/dolls, they are so cute.

Can I ask what size paint brush you used for her hair? I am trying to learn how to paint hair but I think I may be using too small of a brush.