For those of us unable to go to ROSE

I can’t go to ROSE–college student, lots of homework, no money…Haha. But that’s okay!
I wanted to post this thread to ask those of you that are going to ROSE if you’d be willing to take pictures for people that are unable to attend (i.e. me)…Or if you have a YT account, I’d love to subscribe and watch a video of you sharing the ROSE experience!!

Anyways, just thought I’d ask.


Last year forum members sent us pictures and detailed description about some events . It was nice to see familiar faces :slight_smile: and artist and sculptors etc.


Since BB is a huge part of ROSE this year, it would be nice if they created a seperate board here on the forum so all pics could be shared in one place.


I am not going to ROSE but I am going to IDTS and will have a table for sale there. I will try my best to get lots of pics to share with you all!


Thank you ladies!! It is greatly appreciated!!!

@EmilyBB Could you make a separate board for sharing ROSE pics? Like what is mentioned by @lollipop_cradle
I know it takes a lot of work and time, but it would be really appreciated!!! :smile:


Is this the one in Asheville?

Wish they would consider moving it to different parts of the states yearly. I just have too much on my plate to make babies just for ROSE, but boy would i love a table there. Travel time alone would be long…i dont fly…claustrophobic!!!

I’m hoping people will take lots of pics for us!!

Yes, maybe a west coast show, then an east coast, then south, then northern? then smack dab in the middle of the country. Ha…But yes, it would be nice if they switched it around every year to different parts of the country so that those of us who are unable to travel (because of lack of money or claustrophobia or other).

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