For everyone that hates fake kits

I don’t know why I even look at eBay anymore, but came across this and thought some of you would appreciate it. They are selling a fake Delilah, ugh, but they messed up the signature on the back of the neck. Nikki Jonnsen :laughing: at least this fake sculpt will be an easy one to spot for buyers!


You can read that? :face_with_monocle: lol

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Sorry it was much easier to read when I zoomed in on the picture vs my screenshot! Here you go, and for the record, no I do not have super amazing microscopic ability eyesight :wink:

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I am scared to buy kits anywhere but trusted sites like BB.

For good reason! I usually only buy kits from BB, Mac’s and irresistibles. Although I’ve purchased kits from other forum members here also. But I would never buy one from eBay, Amazon or Walmart.


I agree. I have bought kits from Mac’s and Truborn’s. I can only get them on sale. I have had great transactions on the forum buying kits.

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They are so disgusting in everyway!!! :rage:

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They just get sneakier and sneakier.

This is how a lot of artists and designers feel when we buy a knock off watch, handbag, shoes, products, almost anything that China has made cheaper to quick sell.

I have started to really pay attention when I online shop, not just for babies but clothing, shoes, products. If It’s coming directly from China I move along. I have nothing against Chinese people, Chinese culture, or China in general but I am not a fan of the practices of the companies in China doing mass manufacturing in a dishonest way. They have found a loophole and are not bound by intellectual property laws but that doesn’t mean they are getting my money if I can help it.

It isn’t easy.

We as a country outsource our manufacturing and as a global market place now it is almost impossible to avoid buying things that are not violating intellectual property, copyright, trademark…


That is so messed up :frowning: I hate that they are doing this. I hope no one buys or sells these but unfortunately there probably are people who do. How sad

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They may not be bound by intellectual property laws but the platforms they are selling on are if they are based in countries that abide by those laws, it makes my blood boil that these platforms get numerous reports about the fakes but do very little to stop it


Same here.

I love Etsy, when it arrived I was so excited that there was a platform just for handmade, supporting artists and crafters, promoting cottage industry… then they allowed vintage and supplies, then they turned a blind eye when they knew people where selling mass manufactured stuff from overseas. When people complained they said they were not in the business of deciding who was mass manufacturing. It seems as long as the shops said "we are a small family business in a little village in --------(fill in the blank) that they were able to sell what ever the hell they wanted. Then the flood gates were opened.