Follow up video for 400 pound baby

thought you ladies would like to see a picture of a 17 foot newborn made of resin , it is coming to a museum near me, i have to go see it. the hair was done strand by strand and i understand it weighs around 400 pounds. wow marlene

i have added more pics on the 2 nd page.

Wow…that is huge…I think I will pass on reborning this one.

me too , lol i dont think it would fit in my oven marlene

Wow! It has that just out of the womb look doesn’t it?

— Begin quote from “anjsmiles”

Wow! It has that just out of the womb look doesn’t it?

— End quote

Wow, he sure does. At first I thought it had a little boy part there, but now I realize that it’s the umbilical cord!

thats what i thought untill it said its a girl lol and then i realized whoooho not so much lol

ha ha your doing all the math lol. i am going to see it when the grandkids get out of school its there untill the end of july , so i will take some pics or video. just for you!! i found this info that might help understand the size.

its totaly amazing to me. hope you like the pics. marlene

Amazing sculpts…

now that is a reborn!!! Wow!

that is alot of resin!!!

Marlene…did you get to see it? is it still in Canada? I have a friend in Australia that says it is in Brisbane Au…just wondered if it has already left your area?
ALS…do you know the artist’s name? wanna do some research into his other work,

hi ja Nan no these sculpts are here in canada untill sept 2nd then they move on i dont know where. no i havent had the chance to get to see it yet but will try to get there soon. this is the info that i have on the artist if you look them up on line i believe you might find a lot more info. good luck. marlene

The work of Ron Mueck is on view at Oakville Galleries at Centennial Square (120 Navy Street). The work of Guy Ben-Ner can be seen at Oakville Galleries in Gairloch Gardens (1306 Lakeshore Road East). this is in oakville ontario.
just for information to those interested

The exhibition Real Life: Ron Mueck and Guy Ben-Ner showcases two important voices in contemporary art who share a common interest in a direct, hands-on approach to art-making capable of bridging the gap between experience and our reflection on it. The work of Australian-born, London-based sculptor Ron Mueck, drawn from the collection of the National Gallery of Canada, is exhibited alongside the work of increasingly prominent Israeli-born artist Guy Ben-Ner.

thank you! will see what I can dig up on them!

What happened to the picture of the pregnant woman?

photo bucket if you can believe said it was against their rules to post this picture. i guess they live in the dark ages lol so they blocked it. i wasnt offended by it it never even crossed my mind that they would not allow it but alas this is life and they need to open their eyes

Oh wow, never crossed my mind either. It’s not a seductive image, it’s just like you said, it’s life. Oh well.

follow up on 400 pound baby with video. marlene