Folk Art Outdoor sealer

On my end when I tried to search on here for topics on this varnish I could not find anything at all which is crazy because if I remember correctly I had looked into this particular varnish and found several topics. Guess that is what I get for not writing stuff down :joy:. For those who used this product did you add anything else to the varnish when you applied it and also how well did it hold up for you in the long run? I prefer my dolls extremely matte so I’ve been searching high and low for a product that will give me that once applied and cured.


I had run out of my folk art glass and time medium 869 and had used this as a replacement, after seeing a video awhile ago on it. It didn’t work for me. Left the doll very shiny (even though it’s supposed to be matte). I mixed it, didn’t shake it-followed directions and it didn’t work. I’ll never use it again

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Oh yikes! Definitely don’t need a shiny doll.

@OliviaR I think there is a problem with the search function on this site, A few people have reported not being able to search for posts/threads

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Yeah I used this before. Hated it. I did add some diatomaceous earth to it the last few times but it still seems to get shiny over time. Never use it by itself, it’s matte for a day or too but after that, it can get very shiny!

I’ve also had problems with it taking paint off, this happened almost every time but sometimes it doesn’t. Might depend on the paint or mediums you use.

The worst thing about this sealer is how it ends up looking over time in the creases. It starts making patches or bubbles in the creases and sometimes it would peel. It bugged me so bad.

Personally, I would not recommend this sealer for reborning. I now use the Americana Ultra Matte Varnish and I love this so so much more! (I do add diatomaceous earth and water to it.)