Flossy (not flossy)

I just noticed that flossy is in the closeout section. I bought her a while back, I found those little folded legs interesting but I was not thrilled with her face. There is nothing wrong with it but sometimes a certain sculpt doesn’t appeal to me, most awake realborns don’t either, not sure why, there are a few exceptions but mostly its a no or I will use them for a circus series.

This one has unusual eye pockets but I loved the effect of eyes that were just a little too big.

You can have a lot of fun with a kit that you might not think you like though. Here is another photo from my recent circus series, just a fun one I pulled from IG (not a photo shoot picture).

Edit: This is Mallory not Flossy, I have lost my mind this week.


Your clown babies are so sweet!!!


That is adorable!

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Your imagination is limitless! :star_struck:


Just adorable. I love your clown series.

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She is darling!!! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you, now I will stop being braggy, this batch was just so much fun.

She’s adorable!

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Did you make her clothes?

Love her! So cute!!

I embellish and alter all the circus baby costumes. This tiny knit outfit was a gift from another reborn artist a very long time ago in a trade, I think it was @Nikkiroc who gifted it, I did take off the pretty pearl buttons and added some trim and happiness. This kit has legs that are sculpted bent at the knee, very cute, and when she is sitting she looks almost like she is a small person, maybe she is, her head is a little bit larger in proportion (I love that) not sure if that was the intention.

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Oh my Gerd ladies, someone is being nice and not calling me out on my error, that is NOT the flossy kit that is Mallory. I am not sure what my damage is this week. Grrrr…

Still a cool baby Pat Moulton, I have these two babies in my studio side by side and for some reason I am mixing them up.

Sorry for the confusion.

I will post a photo of the real flossy today, I am doing her photo shoot now.

I need some chocolate and a nap.


Bwuahahaha! I didnt even notice! haha

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LOL, I was wondering why is her legs are not fused, but I though you did a swap :joy:

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Wellll…that Mallory LOOKS like a Flossy…:joy:

I kept looking at that picture wondering how you managed to get those bent legs into a position where the feet were sticking out the front. I was having such a hard time visualizing it :rofl:


I think I have a clown phobia of some sorts. However, your work makes me want one. You could possibly use your clowns in “clown aversion therapy” I know many people don’t like them. You can add another title to your artistic portfolio. Clown Therapist. Now that’s one i haven’t seen before.

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Awwwww… you are too kind. I am terrified of clowns, not sure why, didn’t like them as a kid. But… I am not afraid of mine, I try not to make them too creepy or scary. I wonder if it’s because they are newborns, that whole precious bit cancels out the clown bit? Thank you for the kind words.

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…and she sold!

Woot, woot!


Awesome…congrats on her sale!!!

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