Floor and event ROSE tickets

Where do you pick up your tickets?

I have only gotten tickets as a vendor but I think it is the same for non-vendors also. It is at the sky lobby

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@jeanhai, are you staying at the Hilton? You just walk down the hall, make a left turn, go down another hall and you are in the DCC lobby. That’s where you get your tickets. Follow the crowd, easy!! Wear a nametag, want to meet you!!

I am staying at the Hilton. I can’t wait to meet everybody. I’m so excited I’m already packed. LOL


Are you taking a baby with you? @jeanhai

Hopefully. I’m putting the hair in now. Are you bringing one?

I am not going, I’m saving for next year, lol. I was just being nosy. :face_with_monocle: But I will be taking one next year and I plan on purchasing too. I am looking at strollers now so I’ll be ready.

Just seen on facebook:

Good Afternoon!

Starting on July 1st, the online price for Show Floor Tickets will increase to $25. This will be the same price as the tickets sold at the door.

If you would like to purchase Show Floor Entrance Tickets for the low price of $14.95, you have until June 30th to purchase them online.

You can purchase your tickets here: https://rosedollexpo.com/collections/floor-passes

We can’t wait to see you all at ROSE!

The ROSE team


I got a new stroller for the show!! It’s an Urbini Reversi. Haven’t decided which baby I’m taking yet. I’m going to wear a name tag too because last year I missed out on meeting a lot of people. If you see me, please say hi!


Ha! I bought the same stroller 2 years ago… to take to the ROSE show… LOL. Mine is red but it was the only one on sale :wink:


Did I sound like an A–? I was meaning “how funny, we both bought the same brand stroller for the same reason!”, “What a coincidence!”
But re-read it and thought it sounded differently than I meant it to be :wink:


Lolol I knew what you meant. That’s pretty funny now that I read it THAT way :laughing:

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