Flesh color

Can anyone tell me how you get that beautiful soft warm (brownish) skin tone. I have put my flesh 08, several mottle layers in different colors, warm up washes (2) and still I have a very cool looking skin tone (pinkish purple). It looks good so far but I can’t seem to warm it up. The washes didn’t do much. The vinyl is very soft, pale and it’s lovely but it just doesn’t seem to be holding the color very well. It looks good until I cook it and then it’s like the color disappears. Has anyone had this problem? I have done the warm up wash with BU and YO, I don’t want it to wind up looking like a bi-racial baby, that;s not what I’m going for. Any suggestions?


You can add a dab of BU to your flesh 08 and make a darker flesh tone. I use darker flesh tones to bring up pale kit colors in addition to several BU washes. I do several BU washes until I my skin tones get to where I want them.


I am having this problem with my Sweet Pea Asleep. The colors just slowly vanish, but i keep adding more layers and it is starting to take now. Some babies just take more layers. Burnt Umber will warm up your tones. So will yellow ochre, but go very thin with it. All I can tell you is more layers.


Thanks Otterb—that sounds completely logical, wonder why I couldn’t think of that. Old Age strikes again!!! LOL.

Thanks for the info. I keep adding colors and they keep disappearing, Guess I’ll have to take your advice and just keep adding and hopefully it will start to build up. It’s frustrating because it looks good and then POOF–Nothing. I’ll keep going.

Did you seal the kit before you started? Not everybody does. I did seal mine and still had this happen but I am winning.

Welcome to us “old agers” club. :older_woman: :stuck_out_tongue: Diane

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i always add a bit of warm blush with my flesh 8 color.

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Sometimes I think there is no difference but if I compare parts I’m working on to others that used to be the same color I can see the difference. Our eyes get used to the slow changes. Also, if you want a bit darker or warmer baby you might want to try flesh 7 or 6.


Many have found that the WArm Blush will add too much of an orange tint to the baby. This can be counteracted with a touch of Ultramarine Blue added to the warm blush/flesh mix.