Flawed vinyl issues

I used to think it was my painting that was speckly but it turns out its the vinyl!! Ughhh…I hate it when this happens. It makes the painting look so sloppy…it makes me not even want to sell the baby to the customer :frowning: anyways to help this??

Why do you think it is the vinyl? Can you post photos?

I’ve not had any vinyl issues, other than having to nuturalise the odd kit, like my Kase awake kit, the limbs were pink but the head was a real orange.
After you wash the kit, you would see if there are any flaws. What do you mean by speckly?

Are they black specks in the vinyl or random specks on the painted doll? If it’s random specks it could be dust particles settling in the wet paint. I’ve had that problem in the past. I now check carefully and remove any particles with a sponge or brush before drying.

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They’re specks of paint. And its not even the color I’m using. They’re purple. I know for sure its not dust and I always only use thin washes and only have problems on certain fingers. Even when I wipe it off and start over they show up in the same place again.

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Yes. I dont rub with alcohol but I do use dish detergent. I know they’re vinyl flaws because even when I try and remove the paint, they remain.


I have never found a sculpt that I could not root; even the rock hard play doll that I rooted was OK when heated properly. If you are talking about the thick vinyl that the European kits have in heads, I love those, once heated they root beautifully, and hold the hair so tight it is almost not necessary to glue.

Yes, if I find those I immediately contact the seller, and request replacement for the part They are serious faults and not easy to work around. They get worse with each bake, often leaving ragged hole.

Are they lumps? No, I have never come across something like that and I have reborned some 300 dolls by now. What is the kit? I would be asking for partial refund, unless it was a second grade kit sold cheap.

I know what you’re talking about with the bumps inside the head from pooling of vinyl but it have never been extreme enough to cause any issues for me.
But I could see if the lump was thick enough how it could potentially cause a difficulty rooting

I would not worry about these lumps if they were in another part but in the head where you need to root that is NOT acceptable. I guess the only way to deal with it would be to paint the hair.