Flattery or disappointment?

As I was perusing newly listed reborns on ebay, much to my surprise I saw a listing that showed Anna. I took a double—it was a photo of my Anna. The person is selling a kit and is using other people’s versions. She also states that she can paint the kit for $100. Anna sold last year on ebay. I guess I should be flattered that she saved my photos, but it is a little misleading and I feel that she should have asked permission.

Here’s the link for the listing.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/REBORN-Doll-Kit … 257b4978e1

If you ask her to remove your photo and she doesn’t do it, report her to Ebay and they’ll close the auction. Using other people’s pictures without permission is NOT okay. I had to do this with one of mine once and was actually surprised @ how quickly Ebay took care of it.

By making the lister give you credit for the photo, you are also protecting the person that might ask her to paint the kit. If it doesn’t come out looking like you, the buyer might get disappointed and never want to get another reborn. If the buyer just makes the simple statement that “the above photos are not examples of my work but are representive of the finished kit” that would protect all the artists’ photos that she used.

I would just report it to ebay. If you had these pictures on ebay, you can report it as listing picture theft. I recognize a couple of the dolls used in the listing…

Need to start watermarking all pictures.

I agree, I would definitely report it to Ebay. That’s a very dishonest thing for her to be doing, stealing people’s pictures like that.

Although it is flattering to have your doll be so nice that someone wants the pic to use to sell their own, that is not right. I think she should have to take it down and I WOULD be mad if someone did that with one of my pics!

Kim, this has been a question of mine many times. There are several sellers on ebay that use BB’s pics and I’ve always assumed because the artist gives the pic to BB for advertising it was their picture to control but if she took your picture from your auction and used it to sell her product I would for sure follow up with ebay. I have contacted several of the sellers and asked them if they were affiliated with Bountiful because they were using gallery pictures and wowza did they get nasty. It is nice that she is using your gorgeous Anna as an example but you needed to know about it first.
Let us know what ebay says…good luck.

I was checking out all of the watermarked photos but what would stop someone from cropping the photos? They might not be as fantastic but would still be good.

I recently had some someone resell (at least advertise) one of Reborns. And at a higher price than i had sold it for!!!I was a little put out when I saw it but my family persuaded me to look on it as a compliment. She did say it was reborned by me, so I quess that’s free advertising!