Flash sale successful?

It looks like yesterday’s BB flash sale was a smashing success, There’s only 29 human kits left in stock. Animal kits seem to be more available.


I don’t think any animal kits were marked down were they?

I don’t think so. I’m just concerned about how few kits aren’t out of stock. If this continues BB may be in trouble.

I think I might stay away from bb kits until they get that issue with the paint covering defects settled out.

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Gosh I hope they aren’t in trouble and can get the kit issues sorted out.

Were there any older kits-none realborns? I think i caught the sale early on and only saw three offered at that time. The rest were out of stock. I don’t have a handle on vinyl logistics :thinking:

Yes, there was a mix of both on sale, realborn and sculpted kits. The selection seemed to change as the day went on.

The flash sale was suppossed to be ALL kits 50% but they didn’t mark down the animals or Jaxson. He was the only one I saw still full price when I went to the available kits page