Fixing this head

I took this head out of the oven. It was still hot. I wrapped it in a towel n rooting pillow n placed it in a bag. I wanted to take it to work to work on it. I normally let it cool off, but my lady wanted me to come in 3 hours earlier. I had just put her in the oven before she called me. Do I heat the head again, then pour boiling water into the head?

Both sides are sunk in. Should I wait to reshape head before I do anymore rooting?

You should reshape before you continue rooting. If you heat the head, whether by baking or with boiling water poured inside, then stuff it into shape and let it cool, it should be fine. If you bake, make sure to put a wet cloth over the hair you’ve already rooted.

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Ok, so I don’t have to do both? Just choose one of them?

You shouldn’t have to do both. It just has to be heated to reshape.

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Thank you