First time seller advice?

I’m thinking of selling my Shyann when I’m done with her, I’m less in love than I thought I’d be. I searched for “first time seller” and nothing came up, does anyone have advice on how to make a sale when you’ve never sold a reborn before? I know that on ebay and things I might look suspicious because I’ve never sold anything before. Should I post her here or would it be the same kind of situation? Maybe I really wouldn’t ask for much more than I paid for the supplies, she has a few boo boos.

Maybe! I’ll try, I really don’t know if anyone would want her either way, she’s only the second one I’ve ever done. I’m attempting to fix her eyebrows now. I’ll post a picture when I’m done.

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I sold my first n others on

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You welcome

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I should have clarified, she isn’t my first one, just the first I’d think of letting go. I don’t have any family, but I do have a friend who has a kid. Maybe I’ll see if she likes baby dolls. I wouldn’t be selling this one for a lot, like you said people can be hyper critical when buying things especially if they’re expensive. It’d just be enough to buy another kit I like more, maybe $50-$75.

Okay! I will!

The spot on her face I think I might just need to go over with matte medium to smooth out, but the rest I feel like I’d have to strip to get rid of.

Also, I’ll take better pictures in the light. She has WAY more color than it appears.

I guess all I needed to do to love her was give her hair! I’m definitely keeping her now :slight_smile: