First Time Realborns

I just ordered my first two realborns! I needed beads badly, and I lost the body for one of my kits in waiting so needed to order another - the body I needed was on seconds, so I decided to place my order tonight. As I’m checking over my cart, my partner tells me she’s chosen the sculpt she wants for her next baby - realborn Reese. So I decided to toss Reese in the cart, and I’ll start work on her soon - maybe for Christmas. Then I noticed Ashley asleep still on seconds sale … and I love that little stretched out leg so much … so I went for it!

Realborns seem to sell pretty well so I think I’ll be able to make the cost of the order back with Ashley. Good thing, because after shipping the order cost me $250 - yikes! Wish BB had a rewards program. I’ve done realborn arms before when a customer wanted full arms on a sculpt that had 3/4, but I’ve never done a full realborn. I’m so excited.

Can I see your Reese and Ashley sleepings? Looking for inspiration!! Also curious as to what size clothing you have them in - both newborn?


My Reese wore size NB ~

Ashley, size preemie ~


Your babies always look so peaceful! Beautiful.


I used a 19 inch body on my Ashley and she wore nb, but on her recommended body she would probably fit preemie.


I used the recommended body on Ashley. She wore preemie size. And you’re right about that little leg. It is the cutest leg of any of the realborns :heart_eyes:


She is precious!

I just grabbed an Ashley asleep also! Her legs are precious!!!

This is the Ashley I did. My daughter wanted me to make her a girl baby. I made her a boy 2 Christmases ago. When she came to visit last month, she said, I see the baby I want. I asked her which one, she came out the room with Ashley. So I let her have her. She wears preemie.


Your ASHLEY is UNREAL!! Actually to Real!!! So beautiful! It should be the prototype pic

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I don’t have Ashley finished yet but here’s some WIP pics


I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Ashley that I didn’t like. Yours is one of my favorites! I love her subtle lip color, she looks very real1

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Here is my Ashley Asleep, I just finished gluing and setting Ashley Awakes eyes and she’s all set to be born, hopefully this weekend.


My Reese wears NB size clothing. I really like him.


What gorgeous babies!! Thank you for the inspiration, folks. I’m hoping to have a little collection of available babies in time for Christmas, and Ashley is going to make a great attention grabber in social media posts. Such a little cutie.

He’s gorgeous!! Very realistic.

Beautiful baby!!

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She’s so sweet looking.

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I see why she picked this one. She’s beautiful.

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So cute!! I love the skin tones.

Thank you