First reborn kitt

Hey Everyone,
I recently bought my first reborn kit to paint and was wondering if u guys have any tips to share? Thank you in advance

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What paints are you planning on using?

The best tip I can give is : have fun ! You will make mistakes, it will not be perfect, but have fun !
-wash and prime your kit
-use very thin layers
-have good lighting


Do exactly what @Leabelle says. There are also plenty of YouTube tutorials you can follow. A couple of my favorites are “Reborn with Me” by Kim at Custom Doll Baby. And Annette at Miracle Babies Nursery. There are several other good tutorials also just do a search. Have fun. You will become addicted to reborning along with a lot of other things that go along with it that I have found on this forum (loom knotting, sewing, shopping for baby clothes. Etc) have fun!


I learn a lot with Kim and Annette ! Very good tutos.


All above plus: Use the Spyglass for any questions as almost all your answers are already here.


Which kit did you buy? Are you going to use heat set or air dry paints?

Get the Denise Pratt dvd it’s a great start not too overwhelming as it is easy to be overwhelmed when just getting started but you can totally do this!