First realborn

Just bought my first realborn kits thanks to the sale. I work 2 jobs. Usually 60 hours a week with 3 hour drive to one and 2 hour drive to the other. Not a lot of time to create. And since we moved to TN I have lost my customer base. And we are building our house. Did not want to spend that much money on kits and unsure how long it would take to finish and sale. Excited to receive the kits.


Aww, who did you buy?! Luckily, we can take all the time we want/need to finish (or start lol) our babies! I have 6 kids, and was working full time and going to school full time (up until recently), so I would spend months working on kits here and there. It is nice just to be able to sit down and create once in a while as a break.
Congrats on your first realborn, and enjoy painting (when you can)! Be sure to share pictures

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I love the Realborns!! They are amazing and seem to come to life right on your craft table. Iā€™m so glad you got some . :blush:

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Realborns are my favorite!!! :heartbeat:


I got ashley and ana awake.

Where in TN did you move to if you dont mind me asking?

Out in middle of nowhere. Enville TN. In west TN.