First layer? Sealer?

So my next kit I’m thinking of putting a first layer of sealer on it. Here is my question to you GHP users…what do you use to seal? And can I add a little burnt umber to it to make it a first skintone wash?

Does any of that make sense? Oh and do I bake that the way I would bake a finale sealing layer?

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Hi! Yes you can prime your kit. :). I would go lightly. You can use thinning medium, satin or
Matte varnish. Make sure it’s nice and even and lightly applied. You don’t want your kit to pool paint. Bake twice before painting


Thank you. I have seen so many YouTubeers do this and I never have even tried it. So I was like hummm…maybe? Lol.

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I just put a bit of matte in my first skin tone layer.

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Tell us how you’ll like it. I tried it twice and regret it both times. I hate when paint looks grainy.

Thank you

Will do