First Joseph and Maggie Prototypes -- Available on eBay NOW!

Hi Everyone,

Our first Joseph and Maggie prototypes are available on eBay now! Realborn® Joseph was beautifully reborned by Marie Gambus. Maggie is a Cindy Musgrove sculpt, and she was beautifully reborned by Melissa George. They are currently featured on our home page at:


Bountiful Baby


They are precious. I love Maggie. She has the cutest feet.

Awww!! :heartpulse:

I love them both

lovely babies!!

Beautiful !

My goodness how precious

Does Maggie have a cloth body inside or just the torso that the limbs fit into?

MG auction says they do have a cloth body inside and are squishy but that it covers joint completely - BB says they are expected sometime in march if all goes well
both maggi and madox auctions are on ebay now