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I have a former customer who has asked me if I would Reborn two Ashton Drake dolls for her.I don’t know all the details such as are they open or closed eyes, does she want hair changed, etc. I want to do them but I have no idea what to charge since she’s providing the doll and paying for shipping.


I would charge the same because you are going to have to strip those dolls and possibly strip all the glued on hair off which is a LOT of work!

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Okay. Thanks.

I agree with anjsmiles. I just stripped all the glued on hair from an AD doll, and it was a nightmare.

I trust you two on that, but doesn’t the fact that I’m not buying a kit or including a layette make a difference?

I use air dry paints so baking isn’t a problem. I wonder if anybody has any suggestions to get the shell out. Do you know what it’s made of?

Totally agree…charge the same…the glue is the dickens to get off and the head is very very hard to root…They are also usually a very soft silicone vinyl which can be a pain to paint - you will definitely want to seal with varnish as the paint will rub off over time if it is not sealed…(ask me how I know that…lol) Only the reds and blues actually seep into the vinyl the flesh tones will tend to sit on the surface so will need to be sealed…

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Air Dry Paints will not stick to AD vinyls until the AD vinyls are first primed with Genesis Heat Set Matte Varnish. There is something in the AD vinyl that makes it resistant to taking the air dry paints. At least that used to be the case. If I had to reborn an AD baby now I would just use Genesis heat set paints on it, even though I too have switched to air dry paints.

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I’ve only ever used air dry. I don’t have any Genesis paints and I don’t have the funds to purchase them and an oven for 1 or 2 dolls.

My second baby was the Ashley by Ashton Drake. I had not a clue about anything. I think he came out great for my second baby and he sold right away on eBay for $265. I was very happy with my first sale. My first baby is my keeper.

I named him Louis

He’s adorable. I kept my first one, too.

Thank you jean