First Ever Realborn Elizabeth Awake! Reborn by Helen Jalland

Good Afternoon Everyone!

We are proud to announce our newest Realborn baby, Elizabeth Awake. Elizabeth is the stunning twin of Realborn Evelyn. This gorgeous Elizabeth prototype was reborn by the talented Helen Jalland. Check out her auction! Elizabeth Awake’s Auction. This cuddly little girl will melt you! Helen did a wonderful job with her prototype, what a beautiful baby to kick off 2018! To be one of the first to be notified when she is released, be sure to click on the “Email Me When Restocked!” link in her item description: Elizabeth Awake’s Item.

Happy 2018!

Bountiful Baby


Awww I love the prototype and kit. Can’t wait until it comes out!

I am loving all the Realborn Awake babies!

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She’s beautiful!! I’m working on Elizabeth asleep right now.

That’s great I am working on Elizabeth asleep as well…just started painting her. I finished her sister last week (well painting her), I still have to root her hair and lashes. Did anyone do eyebrows painted or rooted on these twins? Not sure what would look good on them.

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I will paint mine on. I haven’t tried rooting eyebrows yet. I don’t want to ruin her.

yeah I am thinking light eyebrows for these kits…I am painting mine with softer tones.