First Ever Realborn Dominic Awake Prototype, by Marie Gambus

Good Morning Everyone!

Have you seen our newest Realborn? Our first ever Dominic Awake is now on eBay. He was beautifully brought to life by the talented reborn artist, Marie Gambus. We are very happy with how his prototype turned out! His gorgeous eyes and curly locks are amazing! Marie has really nailed it again! His auction is featured on our home page now:

Thanks so much!

Bountiful Baby


Oh my gosh, he’s so cute!

THis baby could not be more precious!! What a sweet darling!

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She really did an awesome job on him.

He is too cute !!!

He just topped my Gotta Have list.

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I LOVE this baby!
Can’t wait for the kit release!

I will be sure to have extra funds set aside just for his release . He is to darn cute!

Mine too !!! When is he expected to come out?

I don’t know. Apparently, there are 4 prototypes. I think they release the prototypes for sale before the kit is available. My best guess would be a few weeks, but that is just a guess. I must have him, though, whenever he is released.

Me too, I better hold my coins, lol

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He is not on the “out of stock” post yet so I would assume 2 months or so. Then if he comes sooner Yay, if not you are not disappointed that you have to wait longer. :wink:



On my radar!