First dress iv made

My daughters birthday is on Sunday so I’m making her sugar and this dress for sugar this is the first dress I’ve ever made please let me know what u think
These pictures where done before the final sew
Front of dress … 184428.jpg … 184435.jpgBack of dress … 184458.jpg … 184515.jpg

Aw, that’s so adorable and your daughter is going to love her baby!

That is soo cute. Are you making one for your daughter out of a t shirt to match?

Yes I’m makeing a matching one kinda have to get more of the pink material and i got the dolls awhile ago so hopefully i can find a match or close. Thank you laddies the bad thing is i,can’t get it tell Friday night so I’ll be in a rush to get it done sugar is almost done when she’s finished I’ll post pics of her in it

I can not wait to see them in their matching outfits!

wow, that is adorable!Be sure to take lots of pictures for us to see.

Your daughter’s going to be sooooo excited!

Yay i got two hundred unexpected extra dollars for child support today I’m going to go get her material today

It’s so pretty. The pink lining really highlights the pattern in the white lace. I love these onseie dresses, I’ve been wanted to make some. unless Suagr will be sleeping on her tummy, I would suggest putting the fancy stuff on the front of the dress where they can be seen.

Great job! Hope your daughter has a good birthday! She will be so excited!

Just finished her dress had to do it as a two peice and different colors black top bottom is pink with black pokadots with the lace over top I’ll post pictures tomorrow having a set back with sugar the body didn’t have cable ties so and have gone through three stores looking either no long ones or there to wide. Going to try a couple more stores tomorrow