First clay baby

I have LOTS to learn about working with clay, but decided to stop and just bake. Now I can get onto the next and have something to compare future babies to. I love these little babies and plan on making lots more. :slight_smile:

Size reference:



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It will be fun to watch your progress.

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It’s much better than I could do. :smiley:

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Sculpting is a lot tougher than it looks. I’m just happy to have something that doesn’t look like it emerged from a UFO. :joy:

Great job! I wonder if it is easier to sculpt bigger babies over the tiny ones I have squished out of existence over and over. Have you tried tiny ones too? I only have had success with miniature clay animals and food.


This is my first time working with clay and the first thing I sculpted, which is about 6 inches. Are you talking tiny, tiny, like these little 2 inch babies I see people sculpting, @djjessie228? I already had an adult temper tantrum and smashed one this size… can’t imagine how many times that would happen with a tiny one. :joy: But now you have me wondering if it would be any easier with a bigger one… or just more frustrating because there’s more to smooth. Hmmm…

Congratulations @DollyPardon
Ive had my clay utensils styrofoam head and limbs sat in my room for 2 months .

Dont know where to start lol to scared to just go for it … no dvd tutorials just jen printy pdf and she uses different sized head so was my excuse to not jump straight in as the measurements would be out …

How are you finding it ?

It must be so satisfying x

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@Shosho, I did use a dvd to start with… the secrist 6 inch baby dvd. It was helpful because I would have had absoultely no clue where to start. It will be like anything else as far as finding individual style and ways to sculpt, but it’s a good starting point.

So far I like it. I spent all day sculpting and have a better head to show for it today. When I pick up the clay, hours can pass without me realizing it. Even forget to eat… which is good because I need to lose some weight. :joy:

When will you get started? Join me. :slight_smile:

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@DollyPardon in my Country i can only see the Secrist full head video but they dont sell the eyes to go with the head.

Do you have any tips to get started … pasta machine … surface… best clay etc

@Shosho, you don’t need a pasta machine if you are going to start with small babies. Just your hands, aluminium foil, and probably a few silicone tools to get into tight spaces (cheap on ebay). That’s really about it. For this size baby, it was a 15cm x 15cm foil rolled into a tight ball… There are some YouTube videos which may help a bit. If you get stuck, someone here can probably help.

I’m using super sculpy, but have heard prosculpt is better. Have a clean surface and make sure your hands are very clean. This stuff is worse than acrylic paint as far as dirt and fuzzies go. And if you are talking about the blanks that go under sleeping babies eyelids, I think you can make them with clay.