First baby you ever made?

A post earlier made me think about the first reborn I made. I finished her, and was so pleased with how she turned out! THEN… I got the bright idea to open her nose. With a dremmel, no less… Yikes! It slipped and went all across her face! I thought she was ruined. I cried…

I went on a forum and begged for help! Thanks to some wonderful ladies, I was able to salvage her with some Matte varnish, and she even was adopted.

I thought it would be fun to see others first reborns! I hope you’ll share. :slight_smile:



My very first was for my 3 yr old son. He is a monkey/ape/baby mix. lol

And this is a post about firsts from 2014. :slight_smile: I liked looking through these.


Aww he’s cute! I bet your son loved him!

Thanks for the link! I’ll go look at those too!



My was Aubrey …and I was so proud of her . Now looking at her she is really ugly and horrible and so on. I wanted to donate her then my daughter told me to keep her so I can see where I was starting my reborning journey


I wish I had kept my first one, now looking back. I’m glad I have pictures at least. It’s neat to watch how our reborning changes over time.

I bet she wasn’t ugly! Just beginner. :wink:

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Fun stories! Heather was my first, lol then again I’ve only done 7 now with my cozy twins being complete so not much to look back on but I thought she was a sweetie! My sister has her :slight_smile:


Here is my first REBORN…

…Paisley was a WIP For a month…!!..took me forever but I was happy with her…!!


My first…Not the best and not many to look back on yet but I think I am improving.

She was born Dec 19th 2015


@AmandasBabies oh I just love Gemma! I’m actually sad I sold my Gemma and I’m going to make myself one. I always loved the Gemma kit but when she was done boy did I love that little girl! Gotta get me one made! You’re a looks so sweet!

My first was also Heather.

She was pale and had blushing and lips. I was scared to do anything else.


Such sweet first babies!! It’s so fun to see them all!! :heart:

Here’s my first one:


I just started reborning a few months ago and have only finished 3 dolls…currently working on baby #4 Matjev. Here’s a picture of my very first completed reborn Lainey. The Coco Malu reborn was a gift to me from a friend of mine.


Michelle, my first baby was Jerome also!!! He was pretty ugly!!


My first reborn baby boy Sasha ))


Thanks Michelle, He actually looks better in person, he is really washed out from the sun or flash, whatever!! He has more color in person and isn’t that shiny either. I love him anyway!!

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Wow you guys have some good looking babies. My first looked like Chuckie! My husband called him Chuck! I’m trying to find a pic

I also did my first two for my granddaughters just this past Christmas. Didn’t do a lot of detail as I was time crunching, but the girls (4 &9) are totally in love with them. And they both wanted them bald, which was fine by me :smile:
Elsie & Meg


I think Milo was my 2nd Baby,I still have him,almost sold him last week but couldn’t part

with him,He isn’t the greatest but he’s my little guy.


Mine is very scary. Don’t let it give you nightmares. She was never put together because she was so ugly. Threw her away. Her head also got warped in the convection oven I was using at the time. Very ugly alien baby. LOL :joy: