First baby gone 😩

So I just gave my fist baby away to her new mommy . She was a birthday present for a 4 year old … her new mommy loves her very much . As soon as I get a picture I’ll post it … it was a little sad for me too leave that sweet baby there. Is this normal


I bet you made her a very happy little girl.

Yes !! It’s very normal , you will probably even have some you just can’t let go . Lol . I bet you made a little girl very happy !



It is always bittersweet when they go to their new homes. But just think, you get to keep these “happy little mommy” pictures forever!


Aww she looks so happy

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Sometimes It is hard to let go. I some times look at pictures of some of my babies and wish I never had sold them

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Very normal but didn’t you feel good about making one little girl so happy. I always say the reason we have so many bad moms today is they didn’t play with dolls when they were young. Playing for children is learning and playing to take care of a doll is learning to care for future babies. I’ve made 3 so far and given all away to future moms. My day will come in the next year to get my keeper. Not a bad thing because I’m getting faster and better. Great job on baby and making a “GOOD” future mom.

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I made my 3 grand daughters each 1 then mad0e Avery for my Mom. … but couldnt part with her!! I felt guilty…Mom 95 ended up with KIMBER…she loved the open eyes best anyway.