First attempt at casting

I have bought a molding/casting kit from smooth-on. I wanted to play with it before trying to mold my sculpt. I have decided to get some reproduction of my fetal skull, to get some bases for sculpting baby’s head.

It’s not easy at all to get a nice mold ! I have some tears and some holes but overall it does the job.

I have made a plastic skull but now I am making wax. Wax is a good core to polymer Clay, it will melt in the oven without any dangerous fumes unlike styrofoam.

If someone is interested in having some for sculpting, let me know ! I will not use the plastic ones, but if you want to make your own wax form you can make a mold of it. I will sell them less expensive than the ones found on Etsy or Amazon.
I think I can make 2 or 3.

Forgot to say it’s a 30weeks gestation size, not newborn. So maybe 15-17" baby ?


I would love to have a couple, but at least one… how much are you asking for them?

Is your mold a 2-part mold?

My mold is one piece, with a cut in front. I would have preferred two pieces but my model is glue on a stand so it was not possible.

Here’s the 2 in plastic I have made, I am not sure if I could do a 3rd one. I would ask 20$ each plus shipping.

I am currently working on the wax one that I have made. The bottom jaw has broken but it gives me a good idea of the proportions.
(16" sculpting eyes)


That’s so cool! So, if you use a wax version when sculpting and it melts when you bake the polymer clay, will the melted wax just run all over? I wonder if you could make a plaster cast and sculpt over that?

I guess I only need one… How much would shipping be to the 76087 zip code?

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It’s something I have heard in a BJD tutorials. It seems to give strength to the polymer clay. I wanted to try it to see by myself, plus wax is inexpensive. You need to make a hole to let the wax out, i guess if you put the head on an elevated surface the wax will pour under. You can reuse it. I think if the wax stay inside it’s not a big deal as it will solidify again.

I agree that plaster may give good results !

Let me a moment to calculate the shipping, I will be back soon.

Regular is 15$, with tracking 19$ and the fastest (6 days) is 25$

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Did you sculpt the skull?

No I didn’t. I don’t want to reproduce it for sale purpose either as it will not be fair for the original seller (even if it was probably a copy from a copy…). It’s a cast of a real skull, not a sculpture (at least I don’t think so).

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Wow! That’s a lot for shipping. I’m sorry… I’m going to have to pass.

I understand. It’s heavy and I am in Canada, so yes, cost is high.

I want two!!!

For just to have around

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:grin: that made me giggle

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They look so cool!!! My GF would love one

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They ARE cool to have around ! I also have a cat skull and I plan to get the full fetal skeleton :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If you’re interested just pm me !

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I am! I want them! I’ll PM you!