Finished up my 3rd set of same sculpt. but the customer didnt pay for 2 set

I fronted a custom order set of kits for a customer whom promised to pay for them on a Payment plan… and I am now Finished with My 3rd set of the same sculpt. I will have to sell the 2nd set for non payment… i am going to root them because she wanted them to be bald babies. has this ever happened to you before? someone ask for twins and then not make the payment… after being reminded with invoices? etc… I am now going to have to sell the beautiful custom work she asked for, but luckily they are pretty babies and I work with nursing homes so I can most likely sell them at a decent price not a loss of time effort and heartache,
I am due to go into heart surgery on top of the cancer surgery(new find the heart thing :<… so I have to take a little break… I will root in bed… while listening to movies… if i can, … thoughts and the ladys name is kelly Meade ( just in case you want to protect yourself from the hassles…
in love and light,
with reborn love
( the house has one patch on it now… nonoe bought the kits I had for sale so i am trying to get them done before the 19 of this month,)

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Paypal refunds the money regardless of the terms of an agreement… it was a small deposit but she didn’t finish the payment plans,. kept up contact then dropped off the grid… no word…
Not enough of a deposit to cover cost so i have to sell to make it up…
I like you said NOW “take only Full deposits” with Verbal and written invoices… and a three pay policy on custom jobs,… but feel so slighted… Why bother paying for anything if you’re not serious about a baby?
so cheezy,
guess I am just one of those people . If you want it , you pay for it. If you want, then leave it be,?
I have since moved my stuff to etsy and still find I have kids and have to use the invoices from pay pal… but I speak to the person on the phone. And make sure they know My policies about how it works,… after all it is not easy to make great babies. right,? righ!!!