Finished my second doll

Finished my second doll. I’m starting the doll that I’m donating to a nursing home next. And it will be the first time I use rebornfx. Also, could anyone tell me how much to weight a newborn sized baby for a nursing home? I know it should be lighter than usual but how much lighter? Picture below of the doll. The glue for her hair is just drying and it needs to be cut.


I wouldn’t go over two or three pounds, just enough to give it a bit of weight in the body maybe? But that’s just my experience with weighting dolls.

Just a couple pounds. It feels very heavy to them and they get tired if they hold one that is heavier. I had to lighten the weighting on some 4 pound dolls I sent to the Alzheimer’s Center the first time. That was how I learned.

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For nursing home dolls I usually weight with poly pellets. They are much lighter. :blush:


Holy cow look at all that hair😍 she’s going to be very loved! Can’t wait to see her finished,

I’m imagining all those sweet elders styling her hair :star_struck: